A car accident lawyer can help you get compensation, whether you were the driver or a passenger in a vehicle. Sometimes, the accident was clearly the other driver’s fault, such as when an intoxicated motorist strikes your vehicle. Other times, both parties may share part of the blame, but you’re still entitled to compensation from the insurance company.

You cannot control the environment around you, and even the most responsible drivers can fall victim to a car accident. Car accidents, regardless of the severity, can result in medical bills, lost wages, and serious pain and suffering.

If you are injured in a car accident, contacting a car accident attorney in Harrisburg, PA immediately will ensure that you understand your rights and increase your chances for maximizing your recovery.

Unsure what steps to take next or have questions about filing a claim? Contact Compass Personal Injury for a free consultation. Our experienced accident attorneys will help you navigate the details of your claim and take the stress and uncertainty out of the equation.

Acting to protect your rights, family, finances, and health is wise following any type of car accident. A common mistake many car accident victims make is assuming that seemingly minor injuries aren’t serious. The effects of many car accidents take time to appear, potentially leading to chronic pain and other health problems that last years. That’s why contacting an experienced car accident lawyer — someone who specializes in personal injuries and car accidents — is vital.

When Do You Need a Lawyer for an Accident?

Dealing with insurance companies (your own or the other drivers) by yourself is a recipe for disaster. Many insurance companies go out of their way to make the process difficult or prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve. If any of these situations apply to you, seek help from a car accident attorney immediately:

  • You were injured in the accident
  • A passenger or family member was injured in the accident
  • Your vehicle was damaged
  • You lost money or had to take time off work because of the accident
  • You have medical expenses because of the crash
  • You suspect you may have injuries that haven’t been completely diagnosed
  • You lost your job or have work difficulties due to the accident

Accident Attorney Services

Many people are surprised to discover that the insurance company they’ve been paying for years isn’t interested in their well-being. That’s right — your insurance company isn’t on your side when it comes to compensating you. But you’re not alone. At Compass Legal Group, we fight for you and your family:

  • Money for medical expenses
  • Compensation for unknown injuries that may appear
  • Damages for emotional pain and suffering
  • Damages for lost wages
  • Compensation for future employment problems because of injuries
  • Money for vehicle repairs/replacement

Call an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Right Away

Our team represents you in court. We gather evidence and preserve it safely for your case, advise you on all of your options, and offer wise recommendations. We explain every step and answer all of your questions because we’re on your side.

Don’t be in a hurry to settle. Don’t let an insurance company trick you or pressure you into accepting an unfair offer. Make sure you receive sufficient compensation to cover your needs and those of your family for the future. At Compass Legal Group, you can find experienced automobile accident attorneys who care about your needs and understand all of your rights. Contact us in Harrisburg, PA, right away for assistance.



“I was involved in an auto accident while traveling in an Uber in a different state from where I live. I suffered significant injuries. Compass Legal Group took on my case and dealt with the various insurance companies and medical providers. They maximized my recovery and settled with the medical providers in multiple states. They explained each part of the process and made the legal aspect very easy for me. I was able to focus on getting healthy. I was very satisfied with my recovery and would highly recommend Compass Legal Group to anyone who is in a similar position.”


“I was involved in an automobile accident while riding in an Uber in Florida. I had devastating injuries. The initial prospects of a financial recovery to help deal with my injuries were bleak. I hired Compass Legal Group. They handled the insurance companies and I settled my claim for over 15 times what I originally thought I could recover. Compass Legal Group explained everything to me as we went through the process. They resolved the matter quickly. I would recommend Compass Legal Group to anyone.”


Navigating legality

Frequently Asked Questions

Car accident victims often feel overwhelmed and unclear about what to do next. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked legal questions about what steps to take if you’ve been injured in an auto accident.

How do I know if I should contact a car accident attorney?

When should I contact my car insurance company?

Should I call the police when involved in a car accident, even if it’s minor?

What type of information should I collect from the other people involved in the accident?

Should I take pictures of the scene of the accident and damage?

The other party’s car insurance company wants to talk to me. Is this ok?

Do I have to file a claim immediately?

Do I have to go to the ER even if I am not severely injured to have a valid claim?

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