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Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident?  If you have suffered any loss resulting from an accident caused by another driver or roadway situation that was out of your control, one of the most important things you should do is protect your interests and consult with an accident attorney.

The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Compass Personal Injury in Harrisburg, PA are here to help!

Motorcyclists involved in an accident with another vehicle rarely walk away without severe injuries. A motorcycle accident attorney will help you file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for:

  • High medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

If you have been a victim in a motorcycle accident, make sure you understand your rights. Contact Compass Personal Injury today to get help navigating the legalities of your claim.



“Compass Legal took on a national trucking company after one of their drivers carelessly hit my husband while on his way to work. They fought hard on our behalf and got us a great recovery. I would highly recommend them. They went above and beyond the call of duty.”

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Were you Involved in a Motorcycle Accident on an Unsafe Roadway?

Other vehicles are not the only concern for motorcyclists. Road conditions can also affect motorcycle riders. Hitting a pothole, uneven pavement or slipping on snow and ice while driving a motorcycle can result in accidents and cause severe injuries.

It is the responsibility of local and state transportation agencies to maintain safe roadways. If you have been involved in motorcycle crash due to an unsafe roadway, knowing what steps to take and where to begin to appropriately file an accident claim is difficult on your own! Experienced motorcycle accident lawyers near Harrisburg, PA can guide you through this sometimes overwhelming process.

Compass Personal Injury’s experienced injury lawyers will help you understand the details of your motorcycle accident claim and take the stress out of the legal details. Contact Compass Personal Injury today for a free consultation!

Navigating legality

Frequently Asked Questions

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can leave you with substantial injuries and uncertain of what you should or should not do next. Understanding some of the initial steps and knowing when you should contact an accident attorney can assist in maximizing your settlement. The following FAQs can help answer some of these more common questions.

If I contact a personal injury attorney, is it expensive to file a claim?

When should I contact my motorcycle insurance company?

Should I call the police Can I still file an injury claim if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

Should I take pictures of the scene of the accident and damage?

The at-fault driver’s insurance company contacted me and offered me a settlement to pay for my medical bills. Should I take it?

How long do I have to file a claim after a motorcycle accident?

What else should I do after being involved in a motorcycle accident?

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